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Our two weeks in England and France itinerary has been designed to deliver the best of these two cultural and historical treasures in just fourteen days.

We have crafted this tour plan so you can spend two to three nights in each iconic city, from London’s historic streets to Paris’s romantic boulevards. Explore Oxford’s academic heritage, Bath’s ancient spas, Lyon’s culinary delights, and Nice’s Riviera glamour.

Quite simply, this two-week tour is the perfect blend of urban exploration and regional charm, designed to immerse you in the rich tapestry of life in these two magnificent countries.

Destinations On Our England & France in 2 Weeks Tour:

Day 1: Exploring London's Iconic Landmarks

Big Ben & The Houses of Parliament, London, England

Welcome to London, a global cultural epicenter that has shaped arts, fashion, and politics across continents. Its storied past and vibrant present offer a tapestry of experiences that continue to influence worldwide trends and dialogues.

Begin your journey by settling into your accommodation and preparing for a day of exploration in England’s vibrant capital.

Buckingham Palace and Big Ben Tour

Start your adventure at Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the King.

On your guided tour, you will explore the opulent State Rooms adorned with priceless art and royal furnishings. Witness the grandeur of the Throne Room and Ballroom and delve into centuries of royal history.

The experience culminates in the tranquil beauty of the palace gardens, a serene retreat in the heart of London.

Next, head to the Houses of Parliament, home to the world-renowned Big Ben. Standing at the north end of the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben symbolizes London and is an impressive sight to behold. Walk around the area to soak in the atmosphere of this political heart of the city.

Thames River Cruise

As the evening sets in, embark on a Thames River cruise.

This relaxing journey offers a unique view of London, passing under famous bridges alongside key riverside attractions. Witness the city’s landmarks lit up against the night sky, including the Tower Bridge, the Shard, and the London Eye.

It’s a perfect way to end your first day, providing a picturesque introduction to the beauty of London.

Day 2: London's History & Culinary Delights

Tower Bridge in London
Tower Bridge in London

Day 2 unfolds with a dive into London’s rich history. Start with the Tower of London’s royal tales, then marvel at ancient treasures in the British Museum.

Tower of London Tour

Begin your day at the Tower of London, a historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames.

This UNESCO World Heritage site has a storied past as a royal palace, prison, and treasury. Explore its ancient walls and learn about the British monarchy’s history, including tales of the famous Beefeaters and ravens.

The Crown Jewels housed here are a spectacular sight, showcasing centuries of royal opulence.

The British Museum

After the Tower, head to the British Museum, one of the world’s leading museums. Its extensive collection spans over two million years of human history and culture, including the Rosetta Stone, the Elgin Marbles, and the Egyptian mummies.

Wander through the galleries with your guide at your own pace, absorbing the museum’s rich tapestry of global heritage and artistry.

Day 3: Oxford & Tour of the World-Famous University

Oxford University - Bodleian Library,
Oxford University - Bodleian Library, England

Your journey continues as you travel to the historic city of Oxford, known worldwide for its prestigious university and ancient architecture. Upon arrival, immerse yourself in the city’s scholarly atmosphere, where every corner tells a story.

Oxford University Colleges

Dive into the heart of academia with a guided tour of Oxford University’s most prestigious colleges.

Begin at Christ Church, which is famous for its grand architecture and Harry Potter filming locations. Then, explore the Bodleian Library, one of the oldest libraries in Europe, where your guide will unveil its treasures and secrets.

Discover the Radcliffe Camera’s stunning circular dome and learn about its significance to the university’s scholarly life.

Oxford Castle & Prison

Uncover a different side of Oxford at the Oxford Castle & Prison.

This ancient site, dating back to the Norman Conquest, has served as a castle, a prison, and now a museum.

Your guide will lead you through its 1,000-year history, sharing tales of intrigue, imprisonment, and insurrection. Climb St. George’s Tower for panoramic views of the city and descend into the crypt of St. George’s Chapel.

Ashmolean Museum

Conclude your day at the Ashmolean Museum, the world’s first university museum.

With your guide, explore collections ranging from Egyptian mummies to contemporary art. Highlights include the Alfred Jewel, Uccello’s “The Hunt in the Forest,” and the museum’s impressive array of Eastern Art. The guide’s insights will deepen your appreciation of the artifacts and their contexts.

Day 4: Literary Oxford & River Traditions

Magdalen College & punting on the River Cherwell in Oxford, England

On your second day in the city, explore Oxford’s literary legacy and cherished river traditions. Discover the historic Eagle and Child Pub, enjoy punting on the Cherwell, and discover the serene Magdalen College and Deer Park.

The Eagle and Child Pub

Begin your day at The Eagle and Child Pub, the famous meeting place of the Inklings, a literary group that included J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

Over a private tour, learn about the group’s discussions and the works that were inspired within these historic walls.

Punting on the Cherwell

Experience Oxford’s cherished tradition of punting on the River Cherwell. Your guide will not only navigate the boat but also share stories of Oxford’s river culture, its importance to university life, and the historical significance of the surrounding landscapes.

Glide past the University Parks, the Botanic Garden, and under the Bridge of Sighs.

Magdalen College and Deer Park

Your final stop is Magdalen College, known for its beautiful buildings, chapel, and choir.

Explore the college with your guide, who will share insights into its history, architecture, and famous alums. Wander through the college’s Deer Park, a peaceful haven in the city, offering a perfect conclusion to your Oxford adventure.

Day 5: Historical Journey in Bath

the main bath with people on tour along the side at Roman Baths, in Bath, England,
Roman Baths, Bath, England

Join your driver guide in the morning as you travel to the picturesque city of Bath, known for its stunning Georgian architecture and ancient Roman heritage. Upon arrival, prepare to step back in time as you explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Touring the Roman Baths

Your first stop is the famous Roman Baths, one of the most well-preserved Roman remains in the world.

These ancient baths offer a glimpse into Roman Britain’s daily life. Walk around the steaming pools, explore the ruins, and visit the museum to learn about the baths’ history and the hot springs that feed them.

Exploring Bath Abbey

Just a short walk from the Roman Baths is Bath Abbey. Known for its magnificent fan-vaulted ceiling and stained glass windows, Bath Abbey stands as a testament to English Gothic architecture.

Take a moment to absorb the serene atmosphere and admire this historic church’s intricate details before stepping inside with your private guide to begin your tour.

Royal Crescent

Visit the Royal Crescent, a sweeping curve of 30 terraced houses laid out in a striking crescent shape.

This architectural marvel is one of the most outstanding examples of Georgian architecture in the UK. Stroll along the crescent, enjoy the panoramic views of the city, and visit the museum housed in one of the houses to experience life in Georgian Bath.

Day 6: Art, Nature, & Relaxation in Bath

skyline of city of Bath and Roman style architecture.
Bath, England

Your second day in Bath gets underway with exploring its vibrant art scene.

Visit local galleries like the Victoria Art Gallery, which houses a rich collection of British art from the 15th century to the present day. You might also enjoy the Holburne Museum, set in a historic building at the end of the picturesque Great Pulteney Street, showcasing fine and decorative arts.

These galleries provide insight into the artistic heritage of Bath and its role in inspiring artists over the centuries.

Countryside Walk

In the afternoon, take advantage of Bath’s stunning natural surroundings with a countryside walk.

The Bath Skyline Walk offers panoramic views of the city and winds through meadows and woodlands. It’s a peaceful way to enjoy the English countryside and see a different side of Bath away from the city center. The fresh air and scenic vistas make for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

Relax in the Thermal Spas

What better way to draw a close to the day than indulging in one of Bath’s famous thermal spas? The Thermae Bath Spa, for instance, offers the chance to bathe in Britain’s only naturally warm, mineral-rich waters, just as the Romans did over 2,000 years ago.

Relax in the rooftop pool with spectacular city views, or enjoy a range of spa treatments for a truly luxurious experience.

This day in Bath combines the tranquility of art and nature with the relaxation of thermal spas, offering a serene and culturally rich experience.

Day 7: Discovering the Charm of the Cotswolds

village houses in Cotswolds.
Cotswolds, England

Enjoy a delightful day trip to the Cotswolds, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and quintessential English charm. This region of rolling hills and well-preserved villages offers a glimpse into traditional rural England.


Your first stop is Bourton-on-the-Water, often called the ‘Venice of the Cotswolds’ due to its lovely canals and stone bridges.

Wander along the village’s tranquil waterways, explore the quaint shops and cafes, and admire the charming Cotswold stone houses that line the banks. The Model Village and the Cotswold Motoring Museum are also popular attractions here.

Stow-on-the-Wold: A Market Town with History

Continue to Stow-on-the-Wold, a historic market town with a large and lively market square surrounded by townhouses, antique shops, and cozy tea rooms.

Explore the narrow streets and discover the town’s rich history dating back to the Norman Conquest. Stow-on-the-Wold is also famous for its beautiful parish church, known for its impressive yew trees and medieval door.

Return to London in the evening.

Day 8: Parisian Beginnings - Eiffel Tower and Montmartre

Paris, France

Welcome to Paris, the city of lights and love. Our tour planning specialists will consult with you beforehand to determine whether you would like to travel there on a London-to-Paris flight or via the Channel Tunnel underwater rail link.

Eiffel Tower

No visit to Paris is complete without seeing the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of the city.

Head to this world-famous landmark and take the opportunity to ascend to its viewing platforms. From here, you’ll enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Paris. Learn about the tower’s history, construction, and pivotal role in Parisian and global culture.

Exploring Montmartre

In the late afternoon, venture to the artistic hilltop neighborhood of Montmartre.

This historic area, known for its bohemian past, is a delight to explore. Wander through its winding streets with your guide, visit the artists’ square at Place du Tertre, and see the iconic Sacré-Cœur Basilica, perched high above the city.

This first day in Paris introduces you to two of its most emblematic attractions, each offering a unique perspective on the city’s rich history and vibrant cultural life.

Day 9: Parisian Art & History - The Louvre, Notre Dame, & Seine Cruise

The Louvre
The Louvre, Paris, France

Day 9 delves into Paris’s art and history, featuring a visit to the Louvre Museum, an exploration of Notre Dame Cathedral, and a serene Seine River cruise highlighting iconic Parisian landmarks.

The Louvre Museum

Begin your day at the Louvre Museum, one of the world’s largest and most famous museums. Housing an extensive collection of art and historical artifacts, the Louvre offers an unparalleled journey through human civilization.

Explore ancient Egyptian relics, Greek and Roman sculptures, and some of the most revered works of art, including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. The museum’s vast collection and stunning architecture make for an enriching cultural experience.

Notre Dame Cathedral

After the Louvre, visit the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, a masterpiece of French Gothic architecture.

Although undergoing restoration, its majestic structure still stands as a symbol of Parisian resilience and history. Admire the cathedral’s façade, learn about its historical significance, and stroll around the Ile de la Cité, the heart of Paris.

Seine River Cruise

As evening begins to settle in Paris, enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Seine River. As the sun sets, witness the enchanting beauty of Paris from a different perspective.

Glide past illuminated landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Musée d’Orsay, and the Louvre. This serene journey offers a picturesque and romantic view of the city, providing a perfect end to your day of exploration.

Day 10: Lyon - A Blend of History & Panoramic Views

Notre-Dame de Fourvière, Lyon, France

Start the morning as your private driver transfers you to the rail station for the 2-hour high-speed rail link as you travel from Paris to Lyon, a city renowned for its historical and architectural landmarks. Upon arrival, get ready to explore the rich heritage of France’s third-largest city.

Visit the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière

One of Lyon’s most iconic sites is the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. Situated atop the Fourvière hill, it offers not only a stunning example of ecclesiastical architecture but also breathtaking views over the city.

As you step inside with your guide, marvel at the intricate mosaics and stained glass and learn about its importance to the people of Lyon.

Explore Old Lyon

Spend your afternoon wandering through the streets of Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon) on a guided walking tour.

This area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting narrow cobblestone streets, traboules (hidden passageways), and Renaissance-era buildings. Visit the Cathedral Saint Jean Baptiste and enjoy the quaint charm of this historic district.

Day 11: Lyon - Gastronomy, Modernity, & Riverside Walks

Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, Cheese, France

Lyon is often regarded as the gastronomic capital of France. Start day 11 by exploring its culinary scene, perhaps with a visit to Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, a renowned food market offering the finest local produce and gourmet delights.

Enjoy a traditional Lyonnais meal at a local bouchon to experience authentic regional cuisine.

Visit the Confluence Museum

Your guide will then take you to the Musée des Confluences, an exceptional piece of contemporary architecture located at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers.

This science and anthropology museum presents diverse exhibitions, from natural history to world cultures.

Stroll Along the Rhône

End your day with a stroll along the banks of the Rhône. This picturesque riverfront is perfect for an evening walk, offering beautiful views, landscaped gardens, and plenty of spots to relax.

It’s a serene way to absorb the beauty of Lyon and reflect on your experiences in this multifaceted city.

Day 12: Nice - The Heart of the French Riviera

Nice, France

Begin your journey to Nice, the jewel of the French Riviera, known for its stunning coastline and vibrant cultural scene.

As you depart in the morning, settle into the comfort of your carriage and prepare for a voyage through diverse landscapes. The journey, lasting approximately 4 to 5 hours, unfolds like a moving picture through the panoramic windows of your train.

As the train departs from Lyon, the urban landscape gradually gives way to the rolling hills of the Rhône Valley, renowned for its vineyards and picturesque villages. The route meanders through Provence, where the vibrant hues of lavender fields and olive groves create a patchwork of natural beauty. The terrain becomes increasingly rugged as you approach the French Riviera, with glimpses of azure coastlines and mountainous backdrops hinting at the Mediterranean charm of Nice.

Discover Old Town (Vieux Nice)

Venture into the heart of Vieux Nice, the city’s colorful and historic old town.

Wander through narrow winding streets lined with traditional shops and markets. Visit the Cours Saleya Flower Market, where you can find fresh produce, flowers, and local crafts. Don’t miss the chance to sample some Niçoise specialties at a local bistro.

Day 13: Monaco Day Trip

Viewing point Monaco
Monaco, France

This day tour from Nice to Monaco immerses you in the unparalleled glamour and luxury of the Riviera, showcasing the principality’s most iconic landmarks and providing a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle that defines Monaco.

Monte Carlo Casino and Surroundings

Begin your day in the heart of Monaco’s opulence with a visit to the Monte Carlo Casino.

This architectural marvel isn’t just a gambling destination; it’s a symbol of luxury and elegance. Admire its lavish facade and, if you choose, step inside to see its sumptuous interiors. Stroll through the Casino Gardens and Terraces for stunning views and snapshots of the Mediterranean and the Grand Prix circuit.

Prince's Palace and Old Monaco

Continue to the Prince’s Palace, the official residence of the Monaco monarchy. Depending on the season, witness the traditional Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Explore the old town of Monaco, known as “Le Rocher,” which offers picturesque lanes, and the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, the final resting place of many Grimaldis, including Princess Grace.

Return to Nice in the evening.

Day 14: Tour from Nice to Cannes

Cannes, France
Cannes, France

This private day tour from Nice to Cannes immerses you in the allure of the French Riviera, from the chic elegance of La Croisette to the historic charm of Le Suquet, capped off with a touch of cinematic history at the Palais des Festivals.

La Croisette Boulevard

Start your exploration of Cannes with a stroll along the famous La Croisette Boulevard, a promenade known for its sandy beaches, luxury boutiques, and prestigious hotels.

This iconic waterfront avenue offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and is the perfect introduction to the city’s glamorous lifestyle.

Le Suquet and Cannes Old Town

Venture into Le Suquet, the historic heart of Cannes, where winding cobblestone streets lead to breathtaking views of the bay.

Explore the old town’s charming atmosphere, with its quaint shops and cafes. Visit the Musée de la Castre, located in a medieval castle, to discover a collection of Mediterranean antiquities, offering insight into the region’s diverse history.

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès

Before returning to Nice, conclude your day at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, the heart of the Cannes Film Festival. Walk the famous red carpet steps and imagine the galaxy of stars that have graced this venue.

The nearby Allée des Stars, Cannes’s Walk of Fame, celebrates cinema legends with the handprints of famous actors and directors.

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