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Our one-week in England itinerary has been designed for you to experience the best of England in just seven days. Starting from the capital city of London you will explore the most iconic sights and locations such as Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, while the next day you will visit the Queen’s favorite residence, Windsor Castle in Berkshire.

The rest of your itinerary will include driver-guided day trips to experience the Green and pleasant lands of England’s countryside, cottages and village life, and the awe-inspiring coastal walks along the White Cliffs of Dover, our ancient Roman heritage through to our Victorian and Georgian era and ultimately modern Britain.

Read on for how to discover the best of England in 7days, while if you would like us to customize any element of this itinerary for you, simply complete our online contact form below.

Our 7 Day private tour from London includes:

Day 1: Best of London City Tour

Image of Big Ben and houses of parliament from across the Thames river.
London, England

Our one-week itinerary begins by exploring the main highlights of the city of London. 

As a major global capital, there is naturally so much to see and do in London that you could barely exhaust it in a lifetime never mind your 7-day vacation, so instead we have focussed on visiting the most iconic landmarks where your private guide will be able to provide historic and cultural insight to create a much fuller and rewarding experience than simply visiting by yourself.

Iconic London Guided Walking Tour

Your walking tour begins with your guide for the day collecting you from your London accommodation as you make your way towards your first destination, the grounds of St James’ Park, and then into Buckingham Palace for your private tour.

The path around St James Park that you will take with your guide is just over a mile long, however, alongside admiring the lush greenery, birds ducks, and Pelicans en route, it serves as an excellent opportunity for your guide to discuss the relevance and historical significance of the historical figures that have been immortalized in stone throughout the park such as Queen Victoria, The Duke of York, and The Queen Mother Memorial before you arrive at the Royal Palace.

Buckingham Palace Private Guided Tour

Outside the gates of Buckingham palace on a tour.
Buckingham Palace, London

A private guided tour of Buckingham Palace is a truly unforgettable opportunity. Perhaps the most famous Royal Palace of all, this is the Queen’s official London residence and serves as the centerpiece for most Royal events.

Private tours are only available in the summer months, so please contact us as soon as possible to reserve your admission tickets. Alongside your private guide for the day, your ticket grants you access to 19 lavish staterooms and Royal Palace Garden. 

Visiting the State Rooms under any conditions would be a fabulous experience, however, exploring them with your officially licensed Palace guide beside you will provide expert insight into the history and traditions of each of the rooms, alongside the legendary figures who lived in or past through the Palace over the centuries ranging from Queen Victoria in 1837 up to Queen Elizabeth the 2nd in the present day.

Your Buckingham Palace tour will include:

  • The Throne Room
  • Ballroom
  • Music Room
  • White Drawing Room
  • Grand Staircase
  • Treasures of the Palace
  • Marble Hall,
  • Picture Gallery 
  • State Dining Room
  • Changing of the Guard Ceremony


Westminster Abbey Tour

Guided tour of Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey, London

The next section of your iconic London walking tour will see you explore the hub of British Power since the 13th Century – Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, and Big Ben – the emblematic clocktower that stands proudly above the Palace of Westminster.

We will start this section of the tour at the Gothic-style Westminster Abbey the coronation site of all English monarchs since William the Conqueror in 1066 after the Battle of Hastings, and the resting place of some of the most formidable names in England’s history, alongside your tour guide you can visit the tombs of luminaries such as Mary Queen of Scots, and literary giants like Charles Dickens, The famous Scottish poet Robert Burns, the author of The Waste Land, and the Lovesong of J Alfred Putrock T.S. Eliot, alongside the great Romantic-era poet John Keats, and many more.

Houses of Parliament & Big Ben Experience

After a 5 minute walk from Westminster Abbey, you will find yourself under the shadow of Big Ben. Newly gleaming after a conservation project costing £80 million, the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben is actually the nickname for the Great Bell that rings out each hour) is now open for tours commencing summer 2022.

Once you descend from the clocktower it is time to step into the hallowed halls of the Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament. Your private guide will be with you as you explore both the House of Commons and the famous debating chamber, and the House of Lords. Included in your Houses of Parliament tour are:

  • Westminster Hall 
  • The Queen’s robing room
  • Chamber of the House of Commons
  • Chamber of the House of Lords

Churchill War Rooms

Winston Churchill is one of the most significant characters in British history, and World War 2 was an era-defining conflict that shaped modern history not just for the UK but on a global scale. Visiting The Churchill War Rooms with your private guide will give you a unique insight not only into the man and the role he played in the war effort. But also into the mindset of the nation as a whole during the dark years of the war.

Step into the cabinet room where Churchill declared, “This is the room from which I will direct the war” and where some of the most important decisions of the 2oth century were made.

Explore the Churchill museum detailing Churchill’s life before, after, and during the war years. Discover more about Clementine Churchill, Winston’s wife of 56 years as you read the letters between the two stored in the vaults here.

Listen to recordings of the captivating speeches delivered with such eloquence and determination by Churchill during the war that helped steel the determination of the British citizens.

An Evening Trip on The London Eye

London Eye, on walking tour london
London Eye, London

To conclude the first day of your 7-day tour of England, you can make the short walk to the South Bank of the River Thames where you will be lifted 135 meters into the London sky as you take a seat aboard the largest observation wheel in the world. 

The London Eye offers a panoramic vista of London with a spectacular view overlooking the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, and The Shard amongst other famous sights.

Day 2: London to Windsor Castle Day Trip

view from driveway of Windsor Castle, England
Windsor Castle, England

The second day of our week-long England itinerary will see you take a driver-guided tour in one of our luxury executive class vehicles as you are driven in style and comfort on the 45-minute drive out of London to Windsor Palace and then onto Hampton Court Palace.

The castle takes its name from the countryside estate it is located in and is known to be The Queen’s favorite stately home. Windsor Castle is of such historic importance to the Royal family that it was the inspiration behind King George V taking Windsor as a surname in 1917.

During your guided visit to the Palace you will explore:

  • Windsor Castle with skip-the-line access
  •  St George’s Church where many Royal weddings have taken place
  •  The dollhouse belonging to Queen Mary
  •  The State Apartments
  •   The Moat Room
  •   Guided Tour of the Fine Art housed here
  •   The porcelain China museum

After enjoying lunch at the Undercroft cafe at Windsor Castle, your driver-guide will collect you as you set off for Hampton Court Palace.

Hampton Court Palace Guided Experience

Hampton Court Palace, England
Hampton Court, England

With a history dating back to 1529, Hampton Court Palace is most associated with the reign of King Henry VIII and features two distinct but equally stunning architectural styles as the original Tudor design coalesces with Baroque flair introduced under King William the Thirds expansion projects that ran from 1690 to 1694.

Your Hampton Court Palace visit will be a journey of discovery into the origins and history of the castle and what made it Henry the Eighth’s favorite residence and the fascinating life he lived with Anne Boleyn. Your guided tour will include

  • Skip the line access to the palace and the Great Hall, resplendent with its hammer-beam ceiling
  • The Abraham Tapestries
  • The infamous Haunted Gallery
  • State Apartments of King William III and King Henry VIII
  • The immaculate, lush gardens complete with a hedge maze, and grapevine
  • The largest kitchens in Tudor England

After this full day of Royal Palaces and Castles, it is time to rejoin your driver as they return you to your central London accommodation in the same luxury you have become accustomed to throughout the day!

Day 3: White Cliffs of Dover & Canterbury Cathedral Day Tour

Cliffs of Dover, Private Tours
White Cliffs of Dover, England

Your first two days in England were primarily spent enjoying the aristocratic and Royal dimension that we are so world-renowned for, but day three will introduce you to something completely different as your driver-guide takes you to the coast to discover the raw power and beauty of a coastal walk along the White Cliffs of Dover as the waves of the English channel crash below.

We recommend the Cliffs as a must-see attraction on a day tour from London because they provide a stunning nature walk with jaw-dropping views over the Ocean and the chance to spot some of the gorgeous birds, butterflies, and flowers that populate the area as you stroll atop the chalky white formations 350 feet above the ground. Quite the change of pace from the hustle and bustle of London and the opulent Royal Palaces and Castles yet truly a defining characteristic of English culture.

Furthermore, your driver guide can take this opportunity to discuss the significant role throughout British history the Cliffs have played, especially during World Wars 1 & 2, and how they have come to symbolize hope and peace for generations of British citizens. To emphasize their military history, your guide can take you to explore Fan Bay Deep Shelter – an underground tunnel complex built in 1940 linked to the gun battery at the top of the cliffs used as part of England’s coastal defense in WW2.

Dover Castle Visit

Dover Castle
Dover Castle, England

With a history dating back to the 11th century, Dover Castle has a unique significance in British history. Over the centuries the Castle was given the name “The keys to England ” such was its importance throughout history, from the era of the Roman invasion, through Saxon and Napoleonic times, all the way up to its current standing.

England’s largest military castle, Dover Castle played a key role in the defense of England in both World War 1 and 2. On your private guided tour, you can explore the wartime tunnels including a visit to those from where the evacuation of Dunkirk was commanded.

Canterbury Cathedral

Altar and arched ceiling of Canterbury Cathedral.
Canterbury Cathedral, England

Your driver-guide will deliver you to the historic town center in Canterbury as you explore the centennial walls and cobbled streets.

The highlight of your Canterbury visit will be a guided tour around the gorgeous Gothic architecture and stunning stained glass windows of Canterbury Cathedral, a pilgrimage site since the middle ages and known as the mother church of the Anglican Communion worldwide.

Day 4: Day Trip to Bath - A City of Georgian Architecture & Roman Heritage

Our one-week-long itinerary of England has been designed to reveal as many of the dimensions as possible that make up the classically English character & culture. The city of Bath is a fabulous example of both the Roman influence that had such an impact on ancient England and the Georgian period which saw Britain establish itself at the forefront of industrialization and emerge as a leading global power. 

Bath is manageable as part of a one-day tour from London, but even in our luxury air-conditioned vehicles it is quite a long drive – clocking in at 2.5 hours from central London, so we will break up the drive in the morning by stopping at the lovely riverside town of Reading for breakfast on our way there.

skyline of city of Bath and Roman style architecture.
Bath, England

When you arrive in Bath you will immediately understand why we felt it was so essential to include it in our week-long tour of Britain itinerary. The city is listed as a UNESCO-listed site due to its uniquely grand and preserved Roman remains and 18th-century architecture.

Along with your private driver-guide, you will enjoy a panoramic car tour of Bath to see: 

  • Bath Abbey & Tower
  • The Victorian-influenced Victoria Art Gallery
  • The Royal Crescent
  • Georgian and Regency Era literature fans will be sure to love the Jane Austen Center


Alongside monuments to many writers and authors that left an indelible mark on the culture of Britain, and in many ways had an impact across the world such as Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, Charles Dickens, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Roman Baths Private Tour

the main bath with people on tour along the side at Roman Baths, in Bath, England,
Roman Baths, Bath, England

Now that you have got a sense of the Georgian aspect of Bath’s character, it is time for your private guide to the UK’s only hot spring to reveal one of the best-preserved Roman Artifacts in all of England & Northern Europe, the still-functioning Roman baths. Originally constructed in 60-70AD the structure was developed over the next 300 years and molded into the incredible temple and bathing site that you see today – do remember to take your bathing suits for a quick dip!

In the evening you have the option of staying in Bath for the night or returning to your accommodation in London. If you elect to stay in Bath for the evening we can provide the best recommendations for your evening meal and entertainment and you will reduce your driving time the following day by 45 minutes.

Day 5: Cotswolds Villages Tour & Stratford Upon Avon

village houses in Cotswolds.
Cotswolds, England

On day five of our one-week itinerary, we will celebrate the relaxing slow pace, and warm glow that is intrinsic to English village life. 

The Cotswolds is the region most exemplary of this lifestyle in all of England, and our guests love the way it feels like an image frozen in time from centuries gone by, with the golden hue that emanates from the structures and cottages thanks to the particular Jurassic Limestone used to construct the buildings providing the glorious finishing touch.

On your full-day tour of the Cotswolds and its villages, you and your driver-guide will visit:

The Slaughters

Despite the ominous-sounding name, The Slaughters is simply the name for two villages ( Upper and Lower Slaughters) and the name comes from the Olde English “Slohtre” meaning “muddy place.” In another unfortunate example of misnomering the Slaughters are not muddy p[laces, and in fact, are rather lovely to visit! The exquisite manor houses, gardens, and churches here are exactly as they were just over a century ago.


Your next destination in the Cotswolds was described by the poet  William Morris as “The most beautiful village in England”. The town of Bibury is perhaps most famous for the row of old weaver’s cottages on Arlington Row with a history going all the way back to 1380. Another highlight of Bisbury is St Mary’s Church with its gorgeous Norman-era arches, 13th-century entrance, and Saxon chancel columns.


Your driver will then take you to the “Venice of the Cotswolds”, the riverside town of Bourton-on-the-water. Here you can take the time to admire the small stone cottages and bridges before arriving at your final destination of the day, Stow-on-the-Wald. After enjoying the boutique antique stores we will book you in for a traditional English meal with fresh local produce before you rejoin your driver guide to embark on the journey back to London or Bath for the evening.


Stratford-upon-avon, Shakespeare statue.
Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

If you choose to stay in Bath the previous evening rather than return to London for the night, then we will have time to make the brief journey from the Cotswolds to Stratford-Upon-Avon – the town most famous for being the birthplace of The Bard William Shakespeare.

Your driver-guide for the day will help you to choose which of the most significant locations for the young Shakespeare you should visit on your tour, consisting of:

  • The house Shakespeare was born and raised in.
  • Holy Trinity Church where the Bard was christened and buried.
  • Stratford Grammar School attended by Shakespeare.
  • 16th century Tudor buildings including Anne Hathaway’s cottage and others of significance to the great playwright.


Day 6: Oxford Full Day Tour

Aerial view of Oxford University campus and spire.
Oxford University, England

“I wonder if anybody does anything at Oxford but dream and remember, the place is so beautiful. One almost expects the people to sing instead of speaking. It is all like an opera.” – WB Yeats

Our week-long tour itinerary of England would not be complete if we did not dedicate a day to discovering the city of Oxford, known as the “city of dreaming spires”  thanks to the many Georgian and Victorian architecture spires piercing the clouds across the city.

With evidence of lectures being given here ever since 1096, Oxford University claims to be one of the oldest Universities in the world, and with no fewer than 28 Prime Ministers and 50 Nobel Prize winners passing through its doors to date, it is clear that visiting Oxford University is fundamental to exploring another of England’s defining characteristics – the notion that education is the engine of both the culture and economy of the country.

A tour of the University could take a week just in itself given that it covers 38 facilities across the city, however, some highlights we recommend:

The Bodleian Library & Radcliffe Camera

Oxford University - Bodleian Library,
Oxford University - Bodleian Library, England

This iconic building is one of the oldest and most beautiful libraries in Europe. Fans of the Harry Potter movies will recognize it as the setting for the Hogwarts Infirmary.

University of Oxford Botanic Garden

The oldest botanical garden in the UK, and one of the most diverse in the world containing over five thousand different species of plants.

Christ Church

The glorious cathedral and picturesque grounds of Christ church are probably the most well-known campus in the University and are again featured heavily in the Harry Potter films such as the Hogwarts Dining Hall and several other scenes.


After spending the full day exploring the many sites of Oxford University and Oxford town center itself, your private driver-guide will recommend the best dining options to suit your tastes and requirements. As your driver-guide will be able to comfortably fit all of your belongings in the vehicle while you are on tour, you can choose to stay in Oxford for the night or return to London to spend the night there.

Day 7: Seaside Town of Hastings

beach in Hastings, England
Hastings, England

Your final day on our five-day tour of England will be a relaxing day trip to the coastal town of Hastings, a town that isn’t as overpopulated as some other nearby towns but bursting with character, culture, and charm.

Hastings is well known for its connections to William the Conqueror, who defeated King Harold to become the Monarch at the battle of Hastings in 1066.

As a classic English seaside town, your driver will first take you to explore Hasting’s Stade and net fishing huts and Pier before you take a trip to the top of the cliff on the Hastings Funicular – the steepest cable-operated carriageway in all of the UK!

The rest of your day will be split between strolling along the golden sands of the Pier and exploring the curiosities and quaint little boutiques in Hastings Old Town. The final treat we have in store for you will be a quintessentially English tea of Fish and Chips, freshly caught earlier that day from the pier! Sending you back to the airport for your return flight with a full stomach, and a heart full of memories of England!

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