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London Day Trip: White Cliffs of Dover & Canterbury

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Our private driver-guided tour to the White Cliffs of Dover and the medieval village town of Canterbury – featuring 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites – is perhaps the finest option for a day trip out of the city of London.

The serenity offered by the stunning views and soothing wildlife at the White Cliffs of Dover are the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of London, while Dover Castle provides a taste of England’s feudal heritage and fascinating tales of the castle’s role in WW1 & 2. 

Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales tells the story of 30 pilgrims making their way from London to Canturbury, your trip, however, will be far more luxurious as you travel in our executive class vehicles to this most beautiful and historic town. Your tour will conclude with your driver-guide returning you to your London accommodation for the evening.

Our private tour of Our Dover Castle, White Cliffs, & Canterbury includes:

White Cliffs of Dover & Canterbury Private Tour Itinerary

Your private driver-guide will collect you from your accommodation in the morning and you will begin the scenic drive to the coastal town of Dover in Kent to reach the world-famous cliffs.

As well as their beauty the cliffs are famous for historical and military reasons. They were often the first and last view of the UK that sailors had when setting off or returning from war, and of course, during World War 2 the guns positioned here were the front line of the nation’s defense.

Upon arrival, you can take the opportunity to explore the incredible breathtaking views on offer along the cliffside walking path. Reaching a height of 350 feet (110m) the sheer face of the cliffs is truly an unforgettable sight to see in person. When you make your way to the old Victorian-era lighthouse (constructed in 1846) you will be able to see shrapnel scars from the conflict embedded in the structure.

Guided Tour of Dover Castle

Dover Castle
Dover Castle, England

Founded all the way back in the 11th century, Dover Castle has a fascinating history unlike any other. Your guide will reveal why it was known as the ‘keys to England’ as they discuss the role Dover Castle played throughout history, from the era of the Roman invasion, through Saxon and Napoleonic times, all the way up to its current standing.

Canterbury Cathedral & Town

Altar and arched ceiling of Canterbury Cathedral.
Canterbury Cathedral, England

Your driver-guide will deliver you to the historic town center in Canterbury as you explore the centennial walls and cobbled streets.

Your first destination in Canterbury will be a guided tour around the gorgeous Gothic architecture and stunning stained glass windows of Canterbury Cathedral, a pilgrimage site since the middle ages and known as the mother church of the Anglican Communion worldwide.

Church of St Martin & ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey

Believed to be the oldest church in the English-speaking world, St Martins Church has a history dating back to 600AD. On your tour, you will be able to see where different sections of stone have been cut back to reveal Roman, Saxon, and Medieval influences throughout the centuries.

The ruins of a Saxon church constructed in 597AD, St Augustine’s Abbey was used as the burial ground for Anglo-Saxon kings of Kent. Currently, you can immerse yourself in a virtual reality experience where you can don the headset to feel how things would have looked to visitors back in the 16th Century!

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